TV Girl - I Wonder Who Shes Kissing Now

chris on April 17 2012

I'm sooo tired it is unreal.

Meg Myers - Curbstomp

alex on April 17 2012

Someone put this song in a Bing commercial already. Some singers just sound like theyre probably incredibly hot, a round of Google-fu turned this theory into fact. In other news: I think I've finally recovered from my weekend. for some reason I decided to eat a really strong weed cookie on Sunday - and so ensued a 12 hour panic attack.

Star Slinger - Baby Mama

alex on April 13 2012

If this isn't a "it's friday lets fucking party" jam then I dont know what is.

AKW - Little Room

alex on April 12 2012

Super talented Alex Wisner show's us how it's done. Metric meets Bats for Lashes with a dash of total babe alert.

Kindness - House

chris on April 12 2012

If you haven't picked up this album yet then you are a dummy. Stop being a dummy you dum dum and put some kindness in your ear holes. Tangent, so I went to a leather party last night and shit got a little weird. Goldstein may or may not have had something up his butt. New York, sometimes it's best not to ask questions and just bask in it's glory.

Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (SBTRKT rmx)

alex on April 11 2012

For some reason when I walk around NYC I find solace in the fact that all this concrete and mess of metal will inevitably once again be covered in green... I'm hoping this is accomplished via zombie apocalypse.

Chromatics - Lady

chris on April 11 2012

Excuse me while I proceed to blow your mind with cool. You are required to wear a black leather jacket while you listen to this track... and also give no fucks.

Vetiver - Can't You Tell

chris on April 10 2012

This track screams Harry Nilsson to me. Which is a good thing.

Doseone - Last Life

chris on April 10 2012

The new phone books are here, the new phone books are here... I'm Somebody! Wow, I was so disguted with myself for that last track, I had to delete it off leftasrain, then download it again then delete it again.

Rawtekk - Snowflakes

alex on April 09 2012

Raver days flashback- and I'm ok with that.