Silver Jews - Random Rules

chris on October 06 2011

Speaking of rent, Greepoint for example. 1.5 bedroom apartment 20 blocks from the train, 2500 dollars. These scumlords need to lay off the crackrock for realz. And what the shit is a 1.5 bedroom apartment? I think that is when you have AN actual closet in your house. Oh! ONE MORE THING. For all you asshole landlords out there who dont like dogs. We have been living in harmony with dogs since 30,000 B-fucking-C. If one more person tells me I cant move in because I have the dogs, I am gonna choke you the fuck out!

Warm Ghost - G.T.W.S.

alex on October 06 2011

thank you jack ass building owners for raising my rent by a ludicrous amount. In an economy where employment is at an all time low and people are working for pennies somehow raising building rent is justifiable.

Glass Candy - Warm in the Winter

chris on October 05 2011

definitely a more refined sound from one of my faves.

Gayngs - Spanish Platinum

chris on October 04 2011

This is the type of song that has the greatest effect on me. That thinkin music.

Mayor Hawthorn - No Strings

alex on October 03 2011

LOL at the thought of Chris being a stoner... neither of us really smoke weed, maybe for medicinal purposes on the rarest of occasions. In others news: I'm back. My California excursion was amazing, visited Palm Springs where I took a sound bath, visited Joshua Tree and hung out at the Ace playing bingo - Big Sur where ghosts destroyed every camera we had with us while giant trees, horses, and fog loomed over us - and Malibu where gas costs 4.89 a gallon.

Future Islands - Before the Bridge

chris on October 03 2011

I just decided what I'm going to be for Halloween. Which fucking rocks. And some girl thought I smoke tons of weed after reading my comments. whatever.

Wiseblood - fuckwiseblood

chris on September 28 2011

I saw a guy talking tough on a payphone so that everyone could hear as they walked by. Yeah right, those phones don't even work asshole.

Ducktails - Killin the Vibe

chris on September 27 2011

Who wants to fund Left As Rain so we can do it all day? Don't be shy, chime right in.

College - A Real Hero

chris on September 26 2011

This girl across from me right now is freaked out by oranges. I know right.

The Kooks - Runaway

alex on September 23 2011

Thank goodness, a new Kooks album, I spent about 2 hours today trying to find something worth posting. I probably get asked about how I find my music 3 times a week, so I'll explain how I found today's song. I started on waffles, hit up the top 10 secction, nothing good. If I have a lot of time I'll sort through the top 100 and take stabs in the dark for anything tagged synth or indie - then stereogum's gum mix which hasnt provided me with a good track in about 5 months, I'm seriously dissapointed in the state of that blog and their non existant quality control. Then iTunes store alternative section, went through the past 3 weeks of releases and noticed a new Kooks album. Cant go wrong with the Kooks, right? I'm signing out for a week, later listeners!