Ryan Hemsworth - Proto

Alex on April 09 2013

I'm wearing my sunglasses all day -- not because the weather is warm and it is sunny but because of all the impossibly pale bare legs that have revealed themselves today in New York City. I swear half of these people are translucent. One might think Winter is coming with all these white walkers out here --- HEYO! I'll show myself out....

Sillyboy - Nature Of Things

chris on April 08 2013

Now we're talking. Something I can stand at my desk and slowly dance at work to.

Blood Orange - Sutphin Boulevard

chris on April 08 2013

Great band on the up and up. Shout out to PJ for repping Blood Orange since day 1.

Pather - Goblin City Holy Ghost! Remix

chris on April 08 2013

Turning this Monday frown right upside down. You can't fuck with Holy Ghost!

Cold War Kids - Lost That Easy

Alex Mejias on April 03 2013

I have this love hate relationship with Cold War Kids. Sometimes I hear Nathan Willett's voice and I'm all "fuck yea, lets rock!" Other times I hear his voice and all I can think about is inflicting as much pain on Mr. Willett as he is currently inflicting on my ear drums. All in all their latest album still leaves me conflicted -- never the less here's a "fuck yea, let's rock" track.

Hypothetically if I had a child with the middle name "fuckin" would he be kicked out of school immediately? Ideally I'd like to name my kid "Zeus Fuckin Mejias." Are people allowed to have three middle names?... cause if so -- "Zeus Fuckin White Wizard Mejias" would be better.

Milk Music - Illeagal and Free

chris on April 03 2013

Milk Music, just what the doctor ordered. Now this I can get down with. AMERICA!!!!!

Still Corners - Berlin Lovers

Alex on April 02 2013

The RP4 / left as rain party was a great success. Thanks to all who came out and supported. I'd like to personally thank Espolon for providing me with the tequila which made for an awesome DJ set and the blacked outness which shortly ensued after I was done DJing.

Saskatchewan - Possession

chris on April 01 2013

Long weekend. Thanks for coming out to the jam.

Cults - Run Away (Alex Young rmx)

alex on March 29 2013

All the cool kids are going to Tutu's tonight for Chris' magazine release party. I'm not that cool but somehow I got invited. I'll be the guy on the turntables DJing trap music and checking instagram every 15 seconds.RP4 release party details

Flight Facilities - Crave You (feat. Giselle)

Alex on March 27 2013

It's 6:30PM ... and still light outside.. what sort of weather wizard is casting this solar wizardry!?