Roxy Music - If There Is Something

chris on November 10 2009

I would do anything for you.

Moldy Peaches - Nothing Came Out

chris on November 10 2009

Don't be a jerk to people. It doesn't feal good. OK? Stop it.

Avi Buffalo - What's In It For?

chris on November 10 2009

Over heard this from the other room. dug it. you can dig it too... if you want. Sorry, I have a bunch of tracks to post but my computer is being a big jerk.

Cold Cave - Life Magazine

alex on November 06 2009

Nope, not Starfucker, its Cold Cave dropping some fucking knowledge. Happy Friday loves.

Karen O and the Kids - Hideaway

chris on November 06 2009

Trembling organ. Echoing voice. Mimicing guitar. Delicate harp Strums. Whispers.

Minus The Bear - Into the Mirror

alex on November 05 2009

Listening to Minus the Bear is like talking with an old friend over a good cup of coffee... on the top of mount rushmore... after fleeing from the zombie apocalypse.. with swords... and grenades.

Operahouse - Criminals

chris on November 05 2009

Some things just feel right. Go with it; throw caution to the wind. take a chance.

Real Estate - Fake Blues

chris on November 04 2009

I have been waiting on this album for a while. Me = Way in to Real Estate. I had a nightmare that I was a firefighter the other night. It wasn't a nightmare because of all the saving lives, and heroism. It was a nightmare cause I had to hang out with those firefighters all the time. Terrible personalities.

Elizabeth and the Catapult - Taller Children

chris on November 04 2009

Yes, a bit poppy, but hey get off my back man. Can't a man plug a band from his borough. On another note, someone asked to be my facebook friend that I have never met before. What is that about?

Yeasayer - Ambling Alp

alex on November 02 2009

I am in complete disbelief of how good this song is. Yeasayer has gone Super Saiyen.