Plants and Animals - Celebration

Chris on December 12 2012

This song makes you want to leave your doldrums and depart on a journey in search of brave dangers. Some real lord of the rings shit.

Memory Tapes - Follow Me

Chris on December 12 2012

I've been sleepless for three days, and that's a strange feeling. I'm not sure what actually happened and what I just made up in my head.

Bell Gardens - Clinging to the Almost

alex on December 11 2012

I've been stagnant for days now. Just one of those periods in your life where you find solace just staring at the ceiling and watching the days pass by. This album is great for those times - loneliness walks hand in hand with a rich mix of instruments and soothing melodies.

Big Boi - Lines (feat. ASAP Rocky and Phantogram)

alex on December 06 2012

New Big Boi album? Sure why not. I have to say I love this track - I don't think it reaches its full potential but I love it. What can't I stand about this track? I'll tell you thanks for asking. When whatever amateur producer cuts/mutes the track in succession at around 3 minutes. Are you serious? I was doing that bullshit when I was 16 DJing at raves - you're full grown professional musicians and sound technicians.. act like it.

In other news: I found myself appalled today in the train station. There I am minding my own business when I see a woman shoving herself through a crowd (because her destination is way more important than everyone else's), when she finally emerges through the crowd I get a full on view of said pusher. She's wearing one of those full body sleeping bag with arms jackets, head to toe puffy sleeping bag. I found myself trying to figure out if I was looking at a human being or a worm with a wig on. If you search the archives you'll find my rant about wearing pajamas to the airport - this most certainly runs along the same vein. Moral of the story is don't treat the outside world like your living room because someone might mistake you for being a bug and then blog about it...

Ronald Jenkees - Red Lemonade Remixed

alex on December 04 2012

Our favorite eccentric crazy person Ronald Jenkees returns with a new album. It's actually a pretty solid album, he doesn't stray much from his typical style which isn't neccasarily a bad thing - there's certainly a wider array of instruments other than just synths which is refreshing. His style sort of reminds me of a step up from 8-bit music... more of a 32-bit Sega CD...

Check out dude ripping on the synth.. pretty talented.

XXYYXX - Set It Off

alex on November 29 2012

this track makes me want to shoop and dip while you dip while we dip all at the same time. Why can't we just let her set it off? damn yall...

Memory Tapes - Thru the Field

alexander mejias on November 29 2012

I have a lot on my mind lately... ...on the other hand - I'm wearing head to toe fleece with a pine scented candle burning next to me and blasting this Memory Tapes album - it's really difficult to bear the weight of the world when it feels like youre bathing in positive feelings while wearing plush garments.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Bulletproof Girl

chris on November 28 2012

These guys are a bit dreamy, but that keyboard riff is pretty cool. boop boop boop bew boop beee boop.

Palace Garden - 4am

chris on November 28 2012

This band, as well as the one below, is on Moshi Moshi Records. Moshi Moshi is Japanese for Leftasrain is amazing. It's true, look it up.

Teleman - Christina

chris on November 28 2012

How easy is it to snap and become an insane homeless person. My vote goes for super easy. We're all just teetering on the edge.