Pinback - Rousseau

Alex on January 16 2013

Taking it back to 1999 with this Pinback track. I'm trying to remember what I was probably doing when this album came out. Lets see.. I was 16, a candy raver, and driving my riced out Acura Integra all over Washington DC. If 29 year old me played this album for 16 year old me he'd probably ask "where's the break down and the synths? And do you have any ecstasy? Did you see Dragon Ball Z today?! ...about that ecstasy..." My taste in music was pretty out there.. I kept the cassette tape of the Akira soundtrack in my car on repeat. I suppose that's embarrassing?

Joan As Police Woman - Chemmie

chris on January 16 2013

Joan gonna kick it onstage tonight with the legendary John Cale. Oh yeah Peaches, The Magnetic Fields, Yeasayer, Mercury Rev, and Kim Gordan my pop in to say hello too.

Isaac Delusion - Transistors

chris on January 15 2013

These dudes chop up beats like a fuckin sushi chef. razor sharp.

Ra Ra Riot - Is It Too Much

alex on January 11 2013

A personal favorite returns with a new album - Beta Love. After spending some time with this album I can say it leaves me wanting something. Their previous album "The Orchard" was one of my favorites from 2010 so obviously I hold them at a pretty high standard. Perhaps losing their incredibly sexy cellist Alexandra Lawn plays a pretty big part in this. After all.. their previous music was driven by symphonic strings which have all been replaced by synths in this current release.

With that said.. I'll leave you with a picture of Alexandra Lawn -because I can.

Vintage Moon - Dissertation Games

chris on January 11 2013

Sometimes you have to just shoot from the hip.

HAIM - Don't Save Me

chris on January 10 2013

This is 90s pop song if i ever heard it and fuck I love the 90s. You know this.

Foxygen - Shuggie

alexeramental on January 08 2013

Foxygen... what could possibly go wrong? Awesome name, awesome band, even awesomer (who's 3 years old? me.) album. I've had about 4 solid listens to this album and have to say it's pretty rock solid - jammy psychedelic groovy rock at it's finest. A couple of their tracks have a knack for switching up the tempo on you.. One might say the tempo is a bit temperamental. I'm just gonna go ahead and coin the term tempomental. If I owned a Japanese restaurant I would serve a crazy dish known as the tempuramental.

When Saints Go Machine - Church And Law

chris on January 07 2013

I just imagined myself as a steel drummer that came on strong at the climax of this song. Laying down some serious dings.

Capital Cities - Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinead O'Connor cover)

alex on January 07 2013

Cool cover, bro.

Roosevelt - Sea

chris on January 04 2013

lil weekend kickoff number to get dressed to tonight.