Passion Pit - The Reeling

chris on March 27 2009

Nice day out there New Yorkers. It's Friday we have a brand new Passion Pit jam; things are looking on the up and up. Let Roll.

Peter Bjorn and John - It Dont Move Me

alex on March 26 2009

sooo, this is off the new album. the new pb and j album is weak sauce, im not gonna lie or sugar coat it. maybe i just waited too long to hear some new music from them after listening to writer's block 500 fucking times in every venue possible, even grocery stores? regardless, take a listen and judge for yourself.

Pavement - Spit On A Stranger

chris on March 26 2009

takin a walk and listening to Pavement. Forget about it. All.

Swan Lake - A Hand At Dusk

alex on March 25 2009

i have a dude crush on spencer krug, his wife is a babe, he can play the piano/make amazing music, and hes a total bro.

The Uglysuit - ...And We Became Sunshine

chris on March 24 2009

Wow. Take a journey with this track. Roll the window down, stick your head out and scream at the top of your lungs.

Sufjan Stevens - You Are The Rake(Greenpoint Version)

alex on March 24 2009

Sufjan from 2000. Not only do i like this song because it sounds amazing, but its the greenpoint version, which is where i live.

Stars - One More Night

chris on March 24 2009

These guys are sleepers, and one of my forgotten favorites. This song is secretly explosive, and so passionate. One more night, i dreamed it was a good one. The end should be a good one

Red Cortez - Neil Cassidy

chris on March 23 2009

This is Red Cortes, previously The Weather Underground. They are reminecent of a mid 90s band. I can't put my finger on it.

Land Of Talk - Death By Fire

chris on March 23 2009

Do people actually listen to the lyrics of songs? This place is cruel.

Built to Spill - Car

chris on March 23 2009

Come take a ride with me. I want to escape.