Midlake - It's Going Down

chris on October 27 2014

I'm coming correct today with real music lover's music. Starting it off with a track from Midlake's 2013 reincarnation album, Antiphon. Even though their sound slightly changed, they continue to deliver that Middle English slash Middle Earth vibe. Take the title Antiphon, which is a short verse sung after a prayer, usually in the form of Gregorian chant. Whenever I listen to Midlake, I picture people riding horseback through dark forests in hooded cloaks. It's a good look I must say.

Milky Chance - Running

Alex on October 24 2014

Stumbled across this track while watching jiu jitsu highlight of all things. It would seem this style of electronic influenced poppy folk is really taking off, another solid example of this sound would be Vance Joy and his popular single - Riptide. Needless to say stumbling upon this song was a pleasant surprise and a nice change of pace from the constant drone of "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor."

Broncho - Class Historian

chris on October 22 2014

If Whitney Houston's 1987 classic, I Wanna Dance with Somebody, doesn't make you want to dance with somebody,... you may need to seek medical attention.

Kindness - This Is Not About Us

chris on October 21 2014

Kindness just dropped Otherness and I don't have it yet, but this song is the Hotness.

Chromatics - I'm On Fire

chris on October 21 2014

So, Just a heads up, there will be slightly infrequent posting for a bit because Left As Rain 6.0 is in the works. A whole new platform. Get excited... Get scared... Well all react differently to change. I personally love change, unless it's change to Oreo cookies, and in that case you can fuck the fuck off! Also I hate when they change the cable channel numbers on you. WHERE IS ANIMAL PLANET!!!!

Songs: Ohia - Soul

Alex on October 21 2014

Such an odd feeling, discovering an artist only to find out he died a year ago. Listening to Songs: Ohia's Journey On album one can definitely deduce Jason Molina was not a happy camper. The album courses through the same veins as artists such as Elliot Smith and Modest Mouse front man Isaac Brock touch on - a drunken slur with moments of clarity, peace, and finally anger. According to band members Jason struggled with alcohol and depression for over 10 years.

Molina posted this note in May 2012 to his fans after spending most of 2012 in and out of a hospital - "Treatment is good, getting to deal with a lot of things that even the music didn't want to. I have not given up because you, my friends have not given up on me." A year later Jason died at the age of 39 from alcohol abuse-related organ failure.

The last thing I was expecting when this track popped up on my Soundcloud was discovering such a complicated story. I'm looking forward to browsing Jason's extensive library of music he left behind. Now if you'll excuse I'm going to go hug my dogs for the next twenty minutes.

If you'd like to read more about Jason Molinacheck out Henry Owing's article on Chunklet

Wishbone - School of Fish

Alex on October 16 2014

This style of music always resonates well with me. When I listen to tracks like this I could picture myself literally doing anything while playing this song. Walking? Sure. Cooking? Yep. Getting into a street brawl with 3 members from The Crypts? Yea alright. Wrestle a panda bear in a luchador outfit? Always. I'm happy to fit in Wishbone right next to my other "can do anything while playing" artists such as Dr. Dog and Meligrove Band.

Check out Wishbone's split album with Follies on Bandcamp.

Vesuvio Solo - Avion

chris on October 14 2014

It's like this album has Multiple Personality Disorder, hopefully not from repeated emotional abuse as a child. Fingers crossed. This particular version of itself seems to resemble Metronomy. In all it's crazy, this album is super freaking good.

Party Supplies - The Light in the Addict feat. Action Bronson and Black Atlass

chris on October 13 2014

Party Supplies ticklin the ivories... Rollin down I Seventy-Three... On the way to Myrtle Beech... I got rhymes for days G!

Springtime Carnivore - Sun Went Black

Alex on October 13 2014

Those of you around during left as rain's early days (think 2008) remember me pushing a band known as The Hush Sound. Well Greta Morgan, my most notable twitter follower, decided to form her own solo project. Greta set out on a great adventure. She ventured far and deep into the perilous Mount Doom, probably Los Angeles, and forged their first LP titled appropriately enough - Springtime Carnivore. The LP isn't available until 11/04/14 but judging by the single one can only suspect it will be one LP which rules..... ...them all. There I said.