Local Natives Teen Daze Remix - World News

christopher on July 08 2010

Slow build up, then a great pay off. You see it's a metaphor for life... I'll shut up now.

Department of Eagles - Brightest Minds

alex on July 07 2010

stumbled upon some amazing department of eagles b-sides. i had a really hard time deciding which song to post off this album because theyre all so mind numbingly boner inducingly good.

The Chap - We Work in Bars

alex on July 06 2010

no description can do this track any justice so just crank that shit to 11 and rock out.

Japandroids - Younger Us

christopher on July 06 2010

This one was a suggestion by David Schimon, listener who is somewhere out there. Somewhere out there? I think Fifel the mouse sang that. 4th of July weekend was killer.

Menomena - Five Little Rooms

alex on June 29 2010

Menomena returns to the scene after three long years of radio silence. I, for one, welcome them back with open arms. It's a satifying feeling when you can audibly hear a singer's voice growing older between albums, IE tokyo police club.


chris on June 28 2010

Bills Bills Bills. Can somebody please pay us for this site.

Broken Social Scene - All to All

chris on June 28 2010

So my skin is melting off, no big deal. Other than the extreme heat, this past weekend was pretty dope. Deleware River tubuing, bald eagles, and a Greenpoint pool party.

Fiona Apple, Jon Brian, and The Punch Brothers - So Sleepy

alex on June 22 2010

Fiona, my love, has finally released a new song. There are two things that are certain about this song 1.) its fucking awesome 2.) youll find yourself 10 minutes later going "IM A GUMMY BEAR!" this shit sticks in your head like oil to an osprey in the gulf coast.

LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change

christopher on June 22 2010

two songs about change. weird huh.

Sia - You've Changed

alex on June 22 2010

i love the little gremlins singing in the background YEMNA YEMNA OOHHHH YEMNA YEMNA. now we all know were going to see this album at starbucks right next to the gift cards and awkwardly packaged cookies by the cash register(why the fuck wouldnt you buy a fresh cookie from the little plexi glass box?) but that doesnt mean it isnt absolutely fantastic. good work my little starbucks loving lesbian friend.