Kings of Leon - Ragoo

chris on May 11 2009

Strange day out here at Windswept Fields.

Buildings Breeding - Arms And Elbows

chris on May 08 2009

Day off, cruising around on the Moped... then breaking down... the running again... then breaking down... you get it, but fuck is it nice out. DJ set tomorrow at Duck Duck, roll through.

O.V. Wright - Ace of Spades

alex on May 08 2009

ok kiddos, its friday, and tomorrow chris and myself will be burning down the fucking house at duck duck, come through starting 1030pm to close. Montrose Ave and Graham Ave Brooklyn NY, take the L train to the Montrose stop! be there or i hate you!

Starfucker - Medicine

alex on May 07 2009

yup, 300th post on ver 2.0 of left as rain, she's all grown up. we were right at 540 posts on version 1 of left as rain, that means chris and myself have made a total of 840 posts on here. thats a lot of stupid blurbs to write and new music to find. i realize the scroll bar sucks now i just have 0 time to fix it. if you wanna come bring me a 12 pack of cold beer and sit there entertaining me for a few hours while i code a new scroll bar then ill do it, any takers?

Ambulance LTD - Sugar Pill

chris on May 06 2009

This album can go 10 rounds with the best of em. The kind of music that makes you want to make music, if you know what I mean. Yes i'm crazy.

Ra Ra Riot - Run My Mouth (RAC mix)

alex on May 04 2009

post cinco de mayo headache - check. tired - check. amazing fucking song - motherfuckin check.

Arizona - The Glowing Bird

chris on May 04 2009

Symptoms are getting more serious. panic extra.

Maccabees - One Hand Holding

alex on May 04 2009

its gonna be one of those weeks. happy star wars day, may the 4th be with you.

Jeremy Jay - Gallop

chris on May 04 2009

I'm pretty sure I have the swine flu. panic.

Chester French - Beneath the Veil

christopher on May 01 2009

This is a surprising song. I think i am fully into tap dancing as a method of rhythm. Very Fred Astaire. Alex and I are DJ'n The Show at the Red Bull Art space tonight. FIT photography show.