Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground - Bowie The Desert Pea

chris on June 11 2009

Closing a chapter and opening another. Phew that chapter was long. congrats mama.

Iran - Buddy

chris on June 11 2009

featuring Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio.

Buildings Breeding - Stacking Up the Reasons

chris on June 11 2009

As long as they come for you, your heart is gonna feel exactly how its supposed to. I dig it. Now dig this, everybody plays the fool.

The Cranberries - Dreams

chris on June 10 2009

Nothing can brighten your dreary day like a gem of nostalgia from when life was a bit more care free.

Nurses - Technicolor

chris on June 09 2009

This is a wild song by Nurses from Portland. Great use of samples without going overboard. Simple, strong, and his singing voice is right on time.

Foreign Born - Vacationing People

chris on June 09 2009

Here Alex, this is all about vacationing people, just pretend you are one of them. Woah, wallet was returned to me today by a city worker... with everyting in it btw. Faith in humanity has been temporarily restored.

Portland Cello Project - Hungry Liars (feat. Justin Powers)

alex on June 09 2009

shitty weather music eases my soul a bit. i need a vacation.

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky

alex on June 08 2009


Goodtimes Goodtimes - For All My Kingdom

chris on June 08 2009

I wonder, and I wander.

The Maccabees - The Real Thing

chris on June 05 2009

Moments of clarity come at the most unexpected times.