Here We Go Magic - Make Up Your Mind

chris on February 07 2012

Just for all you phish naysayers out there, this could be off a late 90s phish album.

Dr Dog - Heavy Light

alex on February 06 2011

Dr Dog once again proves theyre one of the best in the biz.

Air - Parade

alex on February 02 2011

while were whoring ourselves out on instragram, hit up karatechops. I'll be rolling in the newer jplayer software most likely tomorrow, site will look basically the same - new layout is a few months down the road.

Nicolas Jaar - With Just One Glass

chris on February 01 2011

instagram at remember_paper

Grimes - Genesis

chris on February 01 2011

Love that sweet lolita voice of Grimes. In other news, Verizon has finally showed up for the appointment to install my internet... Two months after I moved in. Why is February spelled like that?

Metronomy - The Look

chris on January 31 2011

Chris Picks 2011, Metronomy's The English Riviera is definately one of the best albums of last year. OOOOO Weeee, that song She Wants especially.

Rogue Wave - Temporary

alex on January 31 2011

Just one of those days...

Jacques Renault - Sweet Rollin' On

chris on January 27 2011

I almost pee'd in my pantalones when Trice sent me this. Delicious friday funky stuff. WHOO!!

Electric Guest - This Head I Hold

alex on January 26 2011

Feeling real groovy over here. This track makes me want to go down to the soda shop and order a banana split - maybe a vanilla milk shake with two straws.. you know what im saying??*nudge*.. so I can get maximum amount milkshake in one sip.

Phedre - In Decay

chris on January 25 2011

I'm with James Brown, fuck karate.