Hayden James - Embrace

chris on September 24 2013

Comin atcha with another hot Hayden James jam. Why is it that I can never hear Australian or English accents in music. As soon as people sing, they all sound the same. I typed the most racist thing ever and then deleted it and replaced it with this sentence.

Grizzly Bear - Will Calls

Alex on September 23 2013

I'd love to talk shit about Grizzly Bear and this track but I simply cannot find anything wrong with it. In fact, this is one of the best tracks I've heard in quite awhile -- and that's coming from someone who digs through about 100 new tracks a day (whilst browsing reddit and watching animated gifs of cats). Go ahead with your bad self, Grizzly Bear.

Minks - Tides End

chris on September 23 2013

I love when you sit around all day at work doing nothing... Then at 5PM someone walks in with this idea and wants help on a pitch that could take all night. Get your ideas in the morning please.

The White Panda - Under Treasure

Alex on September 20 2013

It's Friday so that means it's acceptable to post a cheesy poppy mash up track. More importantly it means my coffee is strong enough to kill small children and pygmy goats.

In other news: I've noticed an influx of don't text while driving PSAs. Do these piss anyone else off? I mean how about a PSA that says "Don't do stupid shit while driving," or better yet "Don't be a fucking idiot - ever." Go ahead and prepare a souffle while driving but don't you dare text Peggy back "OMW" while sitting at a stop light!

On an unrelated note I really want one of those tube sucky things in my apartment -- you know the ones you used to see in offices and drive through banks? I'm not really sure what I would put it in.. possibly dirty t-shirts and those little oval flaps of plastic that seem to inevitably fall off plastic grocery bags.

Holy Ghost - I Wanna Be Your Hand

chris on September 19 2013

This album continues to rock my world... but lets talk science. Apparently Ambien can reverse the effects of brain damage caused by strokes and the like. It totally wipes out speech impediments in a matter of minutes. fuck. This song is good too though.

Electric Guest - The Jerk

Alex on September 19 2013

As fall quickly approaches NYC all the natives hide their clothes with any sort of color saturation into a deep dark storage not to be seen again until April. Goodbye girls with bare legs, yellow tank tops, and neon sandals. The fashion mandate of blacks and greys is now in full affect - dress appropriately.

Wild Nothing - Shadow

chris on September 18 2013

Watch out while i get shoe gazy on your ass. That's not nearly as tough as getting fugazi on your ass.

RJD2 - Temperamental (feat. Phonte Coleman)

Alex on September 18 2013

Always on point with the beats and brass RJD2 remains a staple in good music. I feel like RJD2 is like a Ford Crown Victoria- old but absolutely dependable. He's not gonna pull an Arcade Fire on me and just switch up his sound because his producer is suddenly James Murphy.

Vintage Moon - Tyro

chris on September 17 2013

Sinterpretation. That's sin combined with interpretation. Some sort of sense that's able to sense and analyze sins. Boom! It's appropriate since it's the name of this EP. And another!!

Letters to Fiesta - Tears Apart

Alex on September 16 2013

It's as if Wu Lyf, Florence + The Machine, and Yeasayer had sex in the guest room at a high school party. Letters to Fiesta's Aphorism EP is an orgy of great sounds. If you need me I'll be in my bunk.