Good Night, States - Arsonists Blues

chris on September 14 2009

Man, Fashion Week takes it out of you. Way to much going on to keep track of.

Kid Cudi - Heart of A Lion

axel on September 11 2009

new Cudi album is hot fire, tracks featuring MGMT and Ratatat take it to the next level. Sooo, Kitsune Maison party tonight, should be interesting. Have a good weekend kiddos.

Au Revoir Simone - Another Likely Story(Neon Indian Remix)

axel mejias on September 10 2009

Man i fucking love what neon indian does with their sythns, i feel like im running away from bad guys in the movie Beverly Hills Cop. DONT LET THEM CATCH US AXEL! my old karate teacher was korean and couldnt properly say alex so he called me axel, i felt so cool. FROM HERE ON OUT i will be known as axel.

Betchadupa - Lucy's Song

alex on September 10 2009

So I havn't posted this track yet on left as rain 2.0. Just for the record this is my favorite song. let NYC fashion week begin, someone point me in the direction of the hot babes.. who am i kiddin... ITS EVERY DIRECTION.

The Walkmen - Another One Goes By

chris on September 10 2009

Man, I was just thinking about how we just drift by year after year, trying to leave an imprint, trying to make our mark. Thought this song was appropriate.

Taken By Trees - Watch The Waves

chris on September 10 2009

Hi. I do enjoy a spot of Taken By Trees from time to time, but it may just be my minor obsession with stockholm. This came out three days ago, so scoop it up.

Bower Birds - Northern Lights

chris on September 09 2009

My birthday was last night. bought a bottle at a dive bar at 2am. bad idea. whiskey. man o man.

Liam Finn feat. Eliza Jane Finn - On Your Side

alex on September 09 2009

so it was chris' birhtday last night... needless to say im very hungover. check out my man liam's new digs, you wont be dissapointed.

Jack Penate - Be the One

alex on September 05 2009

no funny coments today, just shut up and dance.

LadyHawke - Paris Is Burning (Acoustic)

alex on September 04 2009

Not sure if you knew this or not but... moving sucks.