Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX - NY Is Killing Me

alex on December 29 2010

and a happy mother fucking new year to you. Wait a sec, let me google what animal year it is... hmm year of the rabbit, I guess im cool with that. I hope everyone has a fucking fantastic 2011, or as i like to call it, year of the tiny circular poops.

Angus and Julia Stone - Draw Your Swords

christopher on December 29 2010

This is romantic and shit.

Family Of The Year - The Princess and The Pea (feat. Willy Mason)

alex on December 28 2010

I came to a really sad realization the other night, I was watching a documentary that showed a clip of the Ed Sullivan Show with The Beatles performing, girls were literally passing out while screaming so loud their voice is probably still hoarse to this day. Right then I realized that no contemporary band will ever get a reception like that again, does it take a repressed age to recieve such an ovation? Dont get me wrong, I see bands get the screaming girl thing all the time, but its different now - it lacks the same intensity as wildly screaming teens in the 1950s, an almost involuntary state that only shows itself when you truly desire something. This got me thinking more and I started wondering if shit like justin bieber was our modern day beatle? If that's the current state of music I want nothing to do with it,the two states of music always boggle my mind, music: which is what you hear places like KCRW, stereo gum, and here - then there's Music which panders to the teenage heart with mommy and daddy's credit card in a paper envelope in their pocket. -- See that folks? there's more going on in my head than just dick jokes. I almost deleted this because there's really no point to state, but that would go against what left as rain is, were just dudes talking about what we think about bullshit - That's what gives this little niche on the internet a soul.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Vocal Chords

alex!!11 on December 23 2010

I've literally been home to my parents house for 24 hours and I'm already fat. Oh well, back to playing WoW and drinking high fructose corn syrup beverages.

Rumspringa - Shake Em Loose Tonight

christopher on December 22 2010

Whoooo weeee that is music to the ear holes. Rumspringa is an Amish rite of passage; the practice of releasing teenagers to explore the outside world, its sins and pleasures. My kind of rite of passage.

Bear Hands - Crime Pays

christopher on December 22 2010

Look at Brookly's own stepping it up on the new album. Also look how I tied this song in to Alex's comment a couple posts ago. NICE!

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

christopher on December 22 2010

I just saw a lady walking down the sidewalk with aluminum walking sticks. What are you training for the olympics crosscountry skiing during your lunch break? That just reminded me of those ladies who walk to work in their white sneakers and hose and change in to their heels while at work. Real sexy ladies, just keep it up.

Ben Folds and Nick Hornby - Levi Johnston's Blues

alex on December 21 2010

Christmas soon approaches and you know what that means - I have to wait until the last absolute minute to do my holiday shopping. Those of you who know me well know I cant fucking stand crowds(I accidently wrote crows first, and on second thought i hate them too), traffic, or any of that mundane worker ant bullshit. Well, today is the day I brave the lines and do absolutely all my Christmas shopping in fell swoop (I had to look this term up, I always thought it was one fowl swoop). Wish me luck listeners, I may end up killing a man with my bare hands today. or is it bear hands? Happy Holidays kiddos, 2011 will be the year of left as rain.

The Black Angels - Yellow Elevator

chris on December 21 2010

Pretty amazing phychrock from talented unrelenting Austin Texas.

Fujiya and Miyagi - Sixteen shades of black and blue

alex mejias - shaking sticks since 1983 on December 19 2010

Left as rain: more music than you can shake a stick at. No im serious, try it. LOL at you for shaking sticks. In other news: Whenever I hear this band I always picture what it would be like seeing them live. In my head I picture two samurais in full battle gear just rocking out on syths, then at the end of the show they pull out their swords and for the encore they battle to the death.