Gauntlet Hair - Simple

Alex on August 12 2013

Bit of a Glassjaw vibe to kick off your week. If you're looking for a creative upbeat album to rock out to Gauntlet Hair's new album Stills should hit the spot.

In other news: I've been thinking a lot about the zombie apocalypse - nothing new there - BUT a stroke of brilliance hit me yesterday. After the zombie apocalypse is squared away with the human race should totally harvest energy from zombies. Zombies make for a great energy source - it's like The Matrix meets 28 days later meets Thor (I just really like that movie).

Fear of Men - Doldrums

Alex on August 09 2013

I love when a song starts off as if they're mid song. It's like walking into an absolutely raging party and someone hands you an ice cold beer. This track has Urban Outfitters written all over it. I think I'm going to change left as rain's slogan to "left as rain: before you heard it at Urban Outfitters."

Mitzi - Who Will Love You Now

Alex on August 08 2013

If Holy Ghost and Erland Oye had sex in the back of a Volvo this would be the baby band it produced. Check out their track All I Heard on Soundcloud for another banger.

In other news: When I'm president I will mandate all douche bags must wear a fedora hat to identify them as pricks. Kind of like if the scarlet letter and the situation from jersey shore had sex in the back of a Volvo.

My New Favorite Tribe - Wake Up

chris on August 06 2013

Chris here, coming at you with bad news. Well good news for me. Starting tomorrow I'm officially on island time. I'll be Georgia bound first thing tomorrow morning. St. Simons Island here I come, my old friend. Alex will be man handling the LAR control panel while I'm away.

Lindsay Lowend - It's George

Alex on August 06 2013

Some heady beats for the people. It's like 8 Bit met up with his cousin A Million Bits and they went out together for ice cream - that's a totally legitimate description for a sound, right?

Cloud Control - Dojo Rising

chris on August 05 2013

Well I just missed a court date. Smooth move exlax.

Beastpatrol - Plaster

chris on August 02 2013

From New York New York, God what a town. Whenever I get hyped on the city, I think of that scene from Ghostbusters where Winston Zeddemore yells, I Love This Town.

Miniature Tigers - Sex On The Regular (Chrome Sparks Remix)

Alex on August 02 2013

I'll tell you what I'm looking forward to the most 20 years from now. The episode of VH1's Where Are They Now - Honey Boo Boo Child. Can you imagine what that train wreck of a child will be like when shes in her 20s. Will her name be Honey Boo Boo Adult? I have my money on meth addict stripper a la Stephanie Tanner - who's with me?

Midlake - Roscoe - Wizardsleeve Remix

chris on July 31 2013

999 times out of 1000, I would stab you in the heart... to death... for remixing Midlake. TO DEATH I WOULD STAB YOU! But some serious care went into this jam. This is either my meeting my long lost brother and he's shot by my arch enemy soundtrack song, or it's my love has been taken away from me and I swear my vengeance on the heads of my enemies soundtrack song. Watch the fuck out cause if you hear this in my movie, heads are gonna mother fucking roll.

Icebird - Charmed Life (Candy Panther Remix)

alex on July 31 2013

While struggling to get out of bed this morning the word unflappable popped up in my head. My hopes were that the definition was going to be "The inability to flap." It's not - it's someone who stays calm under pressure. Now we know.

In other news: RJD2 snuck under my radar with this album. Rock solid RJD2-ness here so if you're like me and missed the album in 2011 travel back in time and get the album on release date then travel forward in time and get one of those hover skateboards everyone is pining for then come back to present day and be miserable in a world with only one hover skateboard.