G. Love - Milk and Sugar

alex on March 09 2011

Are you fucking kidding me? This must be my theme song. Does anyone else picture Ren and Stimpy doing the Happy Happy Joy Joy dance to this?

Ra Ra Riot - Too Dramatic - Morning Benders Remix

chris on March 08 2011

I have always maintained that I have tiger blood.

Phantogram - Let Me Go

chris on March 07 2011

Mouthful of Diamonds is the real banger of this album, but this one is pretty damn noteworthy too. Eyelid movies... I guess that is referring to dreams.

The Evangelicals - Bloodstream

chris on March 07 2011

This band came out of left field with a wonderfully dreamy vibe. In other other news, why the fuck is alex buying progresso breadcrumbs? Pepperidge Farm for life you amateur!

Bibio - More Excuses

alex on March 07 2011

Well then, this track certainly has two faces. In other news: Progresso puts high fructose corn syrup in their bread crumbs, WTF PROGRESSO!?

Computer Magic - Grand Junction

chris on March 07 2011

Computer Magic, that is what my job is.

Hard Mix - Now Her

chris on March 02 2011

Try not bobbing your head to this. Hah! Oh look at you now, alternating side to side AND up and down.

Javelin - Intervales Theme

chris on March 02 2011

Apple care? Why would I want that? I say this as I sit in front of my 3 thousand dollar computer that is disassembled in to a hundred pieces on my desk. Ahhhhh, now I understand.

TV on the Radio - Will Do

alex on March 01 2011

Whats your first memory? Mine was trying pepperoni pizza for the first time when I was 3 at Chuck E. Cheese. I was fucking terrified that meat came on a pizza in little red circles, turns out that those little circles were fucking delicious.

Destroyer - The Sublimation Hour

chris on March 01 2011

Do yourself a favor and buy this rerelease. Also wash behind your ears, it gets gross back there.