Fredrik - Alina's Place

alex on December 29 2008

I saw two gorillas humping at the zoo the other day, jussayin. If you dont go to the zoo every once and awhile and see some of natures marvelous creations youre doing yourself a serious disservice, i mean seriously go check out that mother fucking hippo, those dudes are fucking huge.

Final Fantasy - the Butcher

alex on December 29 2008

I just bought all of this man's albums, as should you. Dont let me down.

Shugo Tokumaru - Green Rain

heart broken alex on December 29 2008

Today was devastating, I found out my love zoey deschanel is marrying ben gibbard, the only good thing that can come from this is an amazing album.

Team B - On My Mind

alex on December 29 2008

Ladies and gentlemen it's a christmas miracle.

Pretty and Nice - Tora Tora Tora

alex on December 29 2008

I heard someone actually use the word wintery mix(refering to the weather) in a conversation the other day, I didnt know people other than meteorologists say that shit. What the fuck is a wintery mix?

Gang Gang Dance - House Jam

alex on December 29 2008

Chris is over here makin me look like a slacker.

Throw Me the Statue - If This Is It.

chris on December 29 2008

It has been a grip since Throw Me The Statue showed its lovely face on Left As Rain. Welcome back, and speaking of Covers, this is their take on Huey Lewis and the News.

Ramones - Needles and Pins

chris on December 29 2008

Where the chit is Alex? Here is a great Ramones jam for you. Tons of people covered this song, but this is one of my favorites.

The Chairs - Polly

chris on December 29 2008

I'm digging The Chairs. Ijust got ahold of this EP and it has a cover of one of my favorite songs, which I am pretty excited about. In An Aeroplane Over The Sea.

Copy - Closet Face

chris on December 28 2008

Let me just continue to light this fucker up. Copy hails from Portland Oregon, which consistenly gives me the joy that accompanies amazing music. I am flying back to the Big Apple tomorrow soo... as Mr. Cheedle says, rage it up.