Fanfarlo - Luna

Alex!! on December 03 2009

Total running in place dance music. Ok now wild head shake with hands waving in the air dance, Yes! Now do the monkey, now back into the running man. Finish it off with the worm! Youre a great dancer.

The Big Pink - Velvet

christopher on December 03 2009

Now this is my type of love song. Dark and hopeless.

Real Estate - Black Lake

christopher on December 03 2009

Real Estate just has a genuine vibe that I find soothing. Big night tomorrow btw, Big Pink and The Woods and Real Estate.

Free Energy - Something In Common

christopher on December 02 2009

These guys are on the DFA label, who produce some solid gold. Grabbed this from My Old Kentuky Blog. Cool site.

wemakemusic - Dance with a Statue

christopher on December 02 2009

Shoot the Jay! Shoot the Jay! Game... Blouses. how you like that scroll bar update. yeah you like that. mmmmmmmm. sorry that was gross.

Bibio - Lovers' Carvings

alexander total-bro on December 01 2009

soooo i re-wrote the scroll bar, it still blows though. basically the future of left as rain looks like this - either html5 or 90% html page with just a flash audio player. if i do an html5 site you'll be able to stream our jams on your cell phones, pretty nifty eh? also i'll be adding advertisements, strictly to promote band releases/concerts. if you represent an artist that doesnt suck and are interested in advertising on here shoot me an e mail. On a lighter note, i picked my nose the majority of the time i wrote this. so yes, there's probably boogers on my keyboard. my boogerboard.

Lawrence Arabia - The Beautiful Young Crew

chris on December 01 2009

What the eff! Another month, another check. Nothings new.

Dr. Dog - The World May Never Know

chris on November 30 2009

I think I am still delirious from the worst traffic that I ever sat through in my enitre life. Luckily I had Jesus with me, and by Jesus I mean a Jesus puppet that was bought at J and R on the side of the highway. Still counts right?

Sufjan Stevens - The Perpetual Self or What Would Saul Alinsky Do?

alex on November 30 2009

I recently heard this track during a trailer for a documentary about babies around the world. I'll most certainly never see this baby movie BUT the trailer did remind me how amazing Mr. Stevens is. I'm also fairly certain Sufjan is some form of alien sent to earth to give us all better taste in music, and im totally ok with that. Sufjan, we salute you, I guess in your language that would sound something like butterfly butterfly swan wing rat whisker.

White Denim - Syncn

alexander on November 29 2009

late night drunken posting for the win. chris and myself just watched jackass 2 and laughed our asses off. get that joke?! jack ass? our ass-yea, no, it wasn't very funny anyways.