Calypso - Santiago

christopher on January 26 2011

Acoustic fades into studio recording. Pretty rad stuff Calypso. This is from a video shot for the website contributing editor.

The Radio Dept. - Freddie and the Trojan Horse

alex in pants on January 25 2011

This is somewhat along the same vein (sounds sexy!) as my last post... I was just putting on pants, in a rather unorthodox fashion, somehow I thought it would be smart to put both legs on halfway and work from there. A bright man would see himself in this situation and say, hey I can take one leg out then finish one of the already half put on legs and be in the clear. Not me, I look down and see my downstairs mix up as an opportunity, a little sign pops up in my brain that reads A CHALLENGER APPEARS. So I did my little hops and stomps until my pants were on.... 5 minutes later. A total success.

Smith Westerns - Fallen In Love

alex on January 24 2011

Caught myself doing The Robot at the very end of this track. That's always a weird feeling when you stop and are like "WTF are my hands doing," you look down and theyre doing The Robot. Generally I'm totally OK with it. Having someone walk in on you doing The Robot is a whole different story...

R.E.M. - Uberlin

chris on January 24 2011

I can see Micheal now, gripping his mic with two hands and leaning on the stand while he does his awesome leg moves. Another plus for the Georgia column.

Of Ocean - In Love Not Limbo

chris on January 24 2011

Let us listen to a totally unheard of band before we move on the one of the greatest band to ever live. Not trying to steal your thunder Of Ocean, but Micheal Stipe is just about to step on to the scene again. loooove him.

Cold War Kids - Out Of The Wilderness

alex on January 22 2011

All in all I hate this album, this track is cool with me though.

Gayngs - Under One Roof

chris on January 21 2011

I am waiting right now to hear about whether or not I have to come in this weekend. This is like a pregnancy scare.

Dot Hacker - Eye Order

chris on January 21 2011

I wanted to smash things. I listened to this song and my transformation into the Hulk subsided. This is a rare find, so soak it in. Friday song to come this afternoon. HULK SMASH!

Warpaint - Baby

chris on January 19 2010

Warpaint is still rocking socks off of my feet. Here is the mellow jam of the album while I put my socks back on. Oh yeah, by the way, their guitarist that can facemelt is the girl that cuts her wrists in the Rules of Attraction. Hawt. You live your life like a page from the book of my fantasy.

Cut Copy - Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat

alex on January 19 2010

Album = Solid. A bit more toned down than their previous efforts.