Bluebrain - Ten By Ten

alex on August 27 2012

This song. is fucking aggresive.

Yeasayer - Reagan's Skeleton

alex on August 27 2012

I used to be terrified of skeletons when I was a kid - I think I played too much Ghouls and Goblins. Now that I'm a grown ass man I realize there's nothing to be scared of - you could literally fart on that skeleton bro and he would crumble.. You dont even have muscles, skeleton.

Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy

chris on August 27 2012

If you really know me you know this, my favorite era of music. This is some shit you feel in your stomach. Well fuck, Michael Stipe called this "hands down the best album of the year" in 1993.

Josh Martinez - Forged Feat. McEnroe

alex on August 23 2012

Shooting at the Empire State Building... WTF humans?

Jethro Fox - Lonely Sound

alex on August 21 2012

It's like dim sum for my ears. ....I have no idea what that means but it felt good writing it so lets stick with it and pretend we all know what im talking about.

King Krule - Portrait in Black and Blue

alex on August 20 2012

King Krule - The most unfuckwithable artist on the scene.

Why? - Sod In The Seed

alex on the beach on August 17 2012

"To morbidly orbit your toilet like hornets a buzz forming above like buzzards in love" word is bond.

Grimes - Visiting Statue

chris on August 15 2012

Love a cute little girl... who knows how to rock and will punch you in the face with brass knucks.

The Juan Maclean - Accusations

chris on August 15 2012

This is rad. Just a rad ole time.

Twin Shadow - Castles In The Snow (Com Truise Remix)

chris on August 15 2012

Alex left me all alone to entertain you guys, but I know I'm your favorite anyway.