Architecture in Helsinki - Contact High

alex on February 18 2011

The absolutely perfect first warm Friday party song. Enjoy.

Delicate Steve - Wondervision

chris on February 18 2011

Remember Paper and Inventory Zine Party tomorrow. It will be like listening to this song but with drinks and other people.

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Coldest Days

alex on February 17 2011

Coldest days? yeah right man, FUCK YOU AND SO LONG WINTER YOU FICKLE SLUT. i feel a lot better now, thanks.

Twin Shadow - Slow

chris on February 16 2011


Junip - The Ghost Of Tom Joad

chris on February 16 2011

I always love finding EPs because they have that underproduced static garage vibe. So good. It's like finding a buried treasure. BOOOTY!

The Dodos - Black Night

alex on February 15 2011

Chris keep talkin bout that singyer called arkade fire? who da fuck is an arcade fire? i aint been in arcade since i was like 6 and i was doing fatalities all up in dat bitch. Cant bylieve eminem didn win, WTF awards? In other news: Does anyone else feel that with each passing year the movie idiocracy becomes increasingly more like real life? There has to be a way to educate these people.

White Denim - Paint Yourself

chris on February 15 2011

Who the fuck is arcade fire? Oh my effin gawd, gaga for life.

Active Child - Weight of the World

chris on February 14 2011

Love the vocal range. Tell me he doesnt sound like Ian Curtis. TELL ME!!! No really can you please just tell me. I'll be your valentine if you tell me.

Pompeya - Cheenese

chris on February 11 2011

This song knows karate, so watch yourself.

The Funeral Drums - Cumshine

alex on February 08 2011

Cumshine? whatever that means.... In other news: I crave chocolate like crazy lately, I think im pregnant.